Mission Statement

It is our mission to offer guidance in developing a personal relationship with God. Spirituality is this personal relationship with God.  

Many people have left organized religion for different reasons. Maybe it was too legalistic and you could not access the spirituality of it. Maybe you had a bad experience with the members or clergy in a church or synagogue. Maybe society taught you to worship the secular gods: money, power and celebrity.  

  We take an interfaith perspective. Our approach to spirituality is informed by the wisdom of Judaism which is applicable to people of all faiths. We respect all religions and believe that all sincere and well established paths lead to the Truth.  

We practice Faith, Prayer and the First Amendment.

Our Ministry is NOT intended to replace organized religion. We hope to awaken spirituality within you. We hope that you will then chose a traditional religion or return to your religion of origin with its many of years of wisdom and follow its well worn path with a new outlook. Our Many Paths Ministers are Ambassadors for the Spiritual Life.

We are confident that you will enjoy being part of our ministry and that you will be pleased with our high standards. This is sacred work and you will grow closer to God. We invite you to join us!

Blessings and Best Wishes
Many Paths Ministry